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  • How do you pronounce Elidea?
    Elidea is pronounced eh-LIH-dee-uh 🥳
  • What does Elidea mean?
    Elidea represents the convergence of two important concepts. "El" and "Idea". "El" represents inspiration that guides human innovation and invention. "Idea" represents vision and the fact that all things are created intangibly first before they become a reality in the world. We believe that the world needs inspired innovation and creation more than ever before, and together we can lead a great renaissance that elevates humanity to an unprecedented era of prosperity! 😍
  • What is Elidea?
    Elidea is a unique and innovative new tech platform that aims to usher in an economic golden era! Elidea mentors ideators, creators, investors, and brands to inspire ideas that create our reality! Together we collaborate to create real life businesses, products, and services like never before and benefit all involved in the process. Have an idea or request? Join us as we shape the future prosperity of the world! 🌎
  • How does Elidea work?
    We are creating our vision of a new economy with cutting edge technology to mentor ideators, creators, investors, and brands in creating real life businesses, products, and services. Elidea takes you through the process from ideation, to creation, to launching into reality. Elidea even features and promotes launched businesses to help them gain traction and grow. We provide tools, resources, guides, collab, steps, and more to help you succeed. Finally the people have a voice to drive demand and innovation. We all win together! 🤗
  • Are my ideas safe on Elidea?
    On Elidea you can add ideas that you are comfortable sharing as public, or you can add ideas you'd like to protect as private. Remember, many people have the same or similar ideas, and an idea is just an idea unless you put a lot of effort and resources into making it a reality! Elidea helps you validate your ideas with the real world like never before, while you remain connected to your ideas. Elidea also offers you immense value by helping you go from just an idea, to a real life business, product, or service, while team members, collaborators, and the world benefit from making it a reality. 😎
  • What types of ideas can I add on Elidea?
    The sky is the limit ✨! Any uplifting idea or vision you have for a business, product, or service can be added in categories such as apps, creative, food, health, products, retail, and more. You can add problems that need to be solved, or requests you have. Whether your idea is brick and mortar, physical, digital, global, national, or local - at Elidea we believe inspired ideas create our reality, and we are here to help! Finally your voice can be heard. Join us in shaping the world's economy all around you!
  • How do I get my Idea created?
    It all starts with an idea... Add your idea and explain your vision and concept, then share your idea to attract votes and collaborate so the idea will mature. Great validated ideas are most likely to find interest from creators that want to create them. Elidea helps capture your voice and demand which drives creation. Now you can finally influence the world around you in a very real way!
  • Can I downvote ideas?
    Product and business ideas are aimed at certain demographics of customers. Not everyone needs to love something in order for it to have a large potential customer base or to be a good idea and become successful. Elidea is all about inspiration and positive feedback to help capture demand and create opportunity.
  • Who can create an idea?
    Ideators and creators can help validate ideas. Creators can also create their own ideas or others ideas if they are approved by the idea owner, or if they are invited by a team member or approved to join the team. Get your profile looking nice to attract more interest and get involved! 😎
  • How do you create ideas?
    Creating an idea means doing everything needed to turn it into a real business, product, or service! That means you will need to do any and everything necessary in real life as a creator to create the idea into a real startup business. The Elidea platform will assist and mentor you step by step along the way by helping you: form a team, show your progress, access mentors & tools, prepare to launch, and so much more! 🤩
  • How long does it take to create an idea?
    Creating a real business, product, or service takes a lot of effort and resources. Each is unique as different industries and requirements for success are vast. Elidea helps connect ideators, creators, mentors, experts, investors, and brands like never before so we can all work together to innovate the world around us. The more we work together the faster ideas become reality and all benefit! Follow ideas you like to get notifications and updates as they journey toward launch and reality.
  • What tools does Elidea provide access to?
    We are always looking for the best tools and resources to help you succeed with your ideas becoming reality. We point you to many curated tools that we love and many that you may have never heard of before or found. We even work with our partners to provide you with deals whenever we can 🤑 As you navigate creating ideas in various industries we will continue to mentor you toward great tools, resources, and guides to help you get the job done right and efficiently!
  • Will ideas on Elidea become real businesses, products, and services?
    That is the reason Elidea exists! Elidea also offers you immense value in helping you go from just an idea, to a real life business, product, or service. We will mentor all along the journey step by step so innovation can happen more rapidly than ever before. No matter what it takes with efforts, resources, connections, and beyond to make an idea a reality, we are here for you! We all win together 🤝
  • How does Elidea help launch businesses into reality?
    We love inspiring businesses, products, and services that benefit the world. To help businesses launch and get traction we choose great businesses to feature and promote in our platform. We allow people to follow your ideas as they develop and get updates, including updating them when your business launches so they can celebrate with you and push for your success! 🎉
  • Will I benefit from ideas becoming real?
    Elidea democratizes the opportunity of vision and success for the masses! You will remain connected to your ideas. That means you have control over some aspects which helps you work with others toward making ideas a reality. Elidea also offers rich collaboration and mentoring to help create awesome teams and make decisions needed to bring your ideas into reality. For those involved you will work together to decide on benefits just like any company that is created. Let's all take part in the global economic action! 🏆
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